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About IC Cards
Dec 12, 2018

About IC Cards

A card with an embedded IC (Integrated Circuit) is called an IC card.
IC cards are not only more secure, but provide more functionality as well.
When renewing your JCB card, we will be progressively rolling out IC cards.

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    Depending on the type of card you have, the time period in which you will receive an IC card may vary.

The Difference 
Between IC Cards and Regular Credit Cards

The method that an IC card uses to store information is completely different from traditional credit cards. Traditional credit cards use magnetic tape to store information, but an IC card uses a powerful, large capacity embedded IC chip to store a large amount of information directly on the card. Plus, an IC chip can perform mathematical calculations, enabling the card itself to perform many calculations just like a computer can. Furthermore, cards containing an IC chip are difficult to counterfeit and decrypt, making them a much more secure choice.

At any JCB merchant that has an IC card compatible terminal, you no longer need to sign anything like you did with your traditional credit cards. Instead, now all you need is to input your secret PIN number to verify your identity. This makes shopping with your credit card much safer and a lot easier.

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    It is extremely important that you choose a PIN number that cannot easily be guessed by anyone else.

    Click here for more details about PIN numbers

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    To modify/view your PIN number take your JCB card to your JCB card issuer.

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    At JCB merchants that do not have an IC card compatible terminal, you will be asked for your signature just as if you had a traditional non-IC card. You may also still be asked for your signature even at JCB merchants with an IC card compatible terminal.

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