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Advantages of IC membership cards
Dec 18, 2018


What are the specific advantages of IC membership cards? The following edition will introduce them to you.


First of all, the IC membership card has the function of stored value re-consumption, which promotes the rapid withdrawal of funds.

The traditional membership card will have a certain cost for the merchant. Each store has its own membership card, which leads to a large number of cards in the user's hands, which is very inconvenient to carry and use. In addition, the membership card is subject to multiple restrictions such as manufacturing and management. The IC membership card has no such concerns at all. The first value is re-consumed, so that the merchant can issue the card at no cost, and the funds can be quickly collected.


Second, the IC membership card facilitates the implementation of the points system.

The biggest advantage of the IC membership card is that the point system is adopted. After the customer purchases the store, the corresponding points can be accumulated to the IC membership card. The accumulated points can be used to redeem the points or coupons, participate in online games, Participate in online and offline interactions, etc. At the same time, the online membership card provides each member with a unique membership number. Each member number only corresponds to a specific user. The user can accumulate points by virtue of the member number, which is not easy to be lost, and the number is recorded on the platform, which is equivalent to carrying it. Worried about the fact that I forgot to bring my membership card and could not score points.


Once again, the IC membership card has a convenient upgrade feature.

The traditional offline membership card upgrade requires the customer to go to the store to propose to the clerk to replace the higher membership card, which is not convenient and fast for the customer, and the card-type membership card is also easy to lose, and once lost, it needs to be re-applied. Online membership cards only need to meet certain upgrade conditions and will automatically upgrade to a higher level member and enjoy higher membership privileges.


Finally, the IC membership card can perform exciting interactions online and offline.

The value of the IC membership card is also to provide a powerful and rich online and offline interaction, including signing in to receive points, forwarding coupons, red envelope activities, etc., providing users with a vivid social circle.


If you want to have a IC membership card of your own store and increase your turnover through membership, please feel free to contact Shenzhen Caika Smart Card Co., Ltd., we will help you solve the common problems in the implementation of membership system. Problems, help you better achieve membership and increase turnover.


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