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Advantages of IC Card
Oct 31, 2018

1, large storage capacity.The storage capacity of the magnetic card is approximately 200 characters, and the storage capacity of the IC card is different according to the model, the small hundreds of characters, the large million characters.

2, security and confidentiality is good, not easy to be copied, the information on the IC card can be read, modify, erase, but all need a password. 

3, the CPU card has the data processing ability.In the data exchange with the reader, the data can be encrypted, decrypted to ensure accurate and reliable exchange of data, and magnetic card does not have this function.

4, long service life, can be repeated recharge.

5, IC card with magnetic, anti-static, anti-mechanical damage and chemical damage, such as the ability to retain information for a long time, read and write times in more than tens of thousands of times. 

6, IC card can be widely used in finance, telecommunications, transportation, commerce, social security, taxation, medical, insurance, and so on, covering almost all areas of public service.

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