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How to select the card's read-write device (terminal)?
Jan 10, 2019

Magnetic card - magnetic card reader, magnetic card reader

Bar code card - bar code printer, infrared bar code reader (CCD), laser bar code reader

RFID card - RFID/EM card reader

Contact IC card -- contact IC card reader (MEMROY card, CPU card)

Non-contact IC card -- RFIC card reader (different frequency band or compatible multi-frequency band)

Electronic tag (card) - electronic tag antenna receiving device, tag reader, middleware

In addition, printers - at present, thermal sensitive models and thermal transfer models for the mainstream printing output equipment

At present the card reading and writing equipment manufacturers and agents are many, many brands, but users should be mainly concerned about the failure rate of these equipment, service life, after-sales maintenance service period and whether the supplier provides free standby service.

In addition, from the technical point of view, the card reading and writing equipment and computer interface mode (COM port, keyboard port, USB port, all-in-one machine, etc.) and power access mode (external power supply, COM port, USB port, keyboard port, etc.) is also very important. Users in the selection must be made prior to the senior professional consultation.

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