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Multifunctional application and advantages of M1 card
Jan 11, 2019

Advantages of the M1 card

M1 card just like induction IC card, also by the antenna and IC technology encapsulated in IC card by PVC material is made and be become, M1 card can be read to write the advantages of multifunction, but he also has shortcomings, its disadvantage is that the price is a bit expensive, induction distance is short, suitable for the consumption quota system, parking lot system, access control attendance system, etc.

MIFARE is optimized for user convenience. For example, high-speed data transfer allows complete ticket transactions to be processed in less than 100 ms. Therefore, the user does not have to stay at the reader antenna, forming a high pass rate and reducing the boarding time of the bus. A MIFARE card can be left in the wallet when trading, even if there are COINS in the wallet.

Mutual random and response authentication, data encryption and message authentication and checking prevent various hacks and tampering to make it more suitable for ticketing applications. The unchangeable serial number guarantees the uniqueness of each card.

Multiple application functions of M1 card

The MIFARE provides true multi-application functionality comparable to CPU CARDS. Two different keys per zone support a system with hierarchical keys.

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