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The introduction of 3D lenticular card
Dec 14, 2018

The 3D card is a new type of 3D picture mode. The card surface can see different images from different angles, and its visibility is very strong, and the propaganda function is magical. The visual effect of the card can be a deep stereo effect, or it can have the visual effect of zooming, shifting and rounding, which is completely different from the general printed card.


The so-called 3D video dynamic card here is actually different from the general 3D card on the market. The general 3D card only has a few pictures of the transition change image. You can clearly see the quick change of several different pictures, even on the visual The effect produced by some merchants is not very clear. The 3D video dynamic card we provide is a continuous shooting motion effect within 5 seconds, which means that all the motion pictures you want to make, just take 5-10 seconds of all motion picture captures with the camera. 5 seconds of motion picture can create a perfect 3D image dynamic card.

This technology combines multiple images into one, and changes from different angles to produce different image changes. It can combine 24-30 image files and use 73Lpi Lenticular four-color printing to produce better animation effects, depth of field and 3D image effects.

3D stereo

Many objects can be made to look like multiple layers of images with depth, and 3D stereoscopic effects produce a very eye-catching pattern

A series of pictures are combined to show that the product or standard has grown from small to large, and this change can clearly highlight important objects.

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