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The introduction of metal card
Dec 13, 2018


In the traditional sense, the card is made of brass and steel. It adopts leading new technology, possessing, stamping, etching, printing, polishing, electroplating, coloring, dispensing, packaging, etc., after polishing, etching and plating. Metal cards made by flow-through procedures such as coloring, dispensing, and packaging.

Metal card contains types

Metal card includes metal gold card, metal silver card, metal membership card, metal VIP card, metal Buddha image card, metal magnetic strip card, metal barcode card, metal ink card, metal IC card, 18k gold, silver and silver card 24k gold and silver card, etc. A series of products, made of precious metal materials - pure copper or copper and 18K, 24K real gold surface processing, refined through many traditional techniques and modern advanced technology.

Folding size

There are three commonly used, 85mm × 54mm, 80mm × 50mm, 76mm × 44mm, can also be made according to customer requirements for other shapes and sizes of shaped cards.

Folding thickness

The commonly used thickness is 0.35 mm, and may also be 0.25 mm, 0.30 mm, 0.40 mm, 0.50 mm, 0.80 mm 0.1 cm, and the like.

Folding color

It contains three colors (or multi-color) for silk screen printing, and can also be used as a full-color metal card.

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