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Types of Access Control Cards
Dec 21, 2018

In fact, access control card production usually has two kinds of chip options, one is ID card and the other is IC card. There are advantages and disadvantages between the two. Before making the access card, you can understand the two types of cards.


1) ID card: The advantage of the ID card as the access card is that the cost is low, one person and one card can be connected to the microcomputer, and there is a door opening record. The disadvantage is that the safety is general, the equipment is worn, the life is short, and the card is easy to be copied.


2) IC card: IC card can be divided into contact IC card and inductive IC card. Under normal circumstances, we all use inductive IC card. The disadvantage of using an IC card as an access card is that the manufacturing cost is high. The advantage is that the card has no contact with the device, and the door is convenient and safe to open and has a long service life. Generally, it can be used for at least 10 years, and the card has high security. It can be connected to a microcomputer, and there is a door opening record, and the card is difficult to be copied.


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