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Want to know the development trend of QR code?
Jan 05, 2019

The application value of the dimension code

At present, China's two-dimensional code industry presents a trend of contending, and more and more businesses involved in the application of QR codes can be described as the "code" Pentium, which has developed various QR code applications. At present, label printing companies can provide a full range of business application solutions for scanning QR code products, a multi-level member management system, marketing management, anti-counterfeiting management, traceability management, big data collection, etc. And business operations support services. In the innovation of mobile e-commerce model, the QR code also contributes to it. It helps enterprise e-commerce to complete the docking between online and offline, and uses the product QR code as the pipeline for O2O to open the online virtual economy and offline. The integration of the real economy forms a closed loop of consumption and realizes the transformation of value. It can be seen that no matter what point, the prospects of the enterprise product QR code industry are bright.

Product application based on QR code can realize information transmission between media. Using mobile phone or special equipment, you can scan the code to obtain product information on any advertising material that can carry QR code. Brand introduction, recommendation of other friends to purchase, etc. . When the QR code is used as an enterprise product display portal, it will be a ubiquitous source of information.

Secure QR code

For a long time, counterfeit and shoddy goods have jeopardized the vital interests of enterprises and consumers, seriously affecting the country's economic development. In order to protect the interests of enterprises and consumers, the market economy develops healthily, and the state and enterprises spend a lot of manpower and financial resources every year for anti-counterfeiting and counterfeiting. However, subject to anti-counterfeiting technology and anti-counterfeiting methods, ordinary consumers lack factors such as anti-counterfeiting identification tools, and the traditional anti-counterfeiting effect is not satisfactory. The appearance of the security QR code just makes up for this shortcoming. It can increase the security of security by means of password anti-counterfeiting and software encryption. The QR code can store a wealth of product information, and it is not easy to be copied and stolen by encryption. The product information is officially released from the company, and the query channel is formal and professional, which realizes the high efficiency of product information anti-counterfeiting.

Internet of Things security QR code

With the anti-counterfeiting application based on the two-dimensional code of the Internet of Things, the circulation of counterfeit goods is technically cut off, mainly based on the data system, realizing one object, one code and one button scanning. Using two-dimensional code technology and wireless communication network technology, the two-dimensional code is an information carrier, and each product information is tracked, collected, summarized, inquired, managed, etc., and a commodity information management data link and a whole circulation process supervision system are established. By easily scanning the code through the reading software of the mobile terminal, it is convenient to query the commodity information, effectively identify the true and false, and build a "firewall" that blocks the fake and shoddy. With the further development of technology, the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting technology based on the Internet of Things will become a powerful "weapon" for combating counterfeit and shoddy products, illegal entry and traceability products. The application of QR code can realize price control management, rebate order management, member point management, member management, distributor management, product traceability management and various data analysis, etc., and can also display product information to improve products. Image, improve product quality, obtain consumer purchase information, promote the effect of sales increase, meet the increasing demand for anti-counterfeiting technology, the demand for variable big data development trend and the demand for high-end traceability anti-counterfeiting technology. Label printing companies can provide identification functions such as WeChat, network, APP and proprietary equipment, QR code anti-counterfeiting platform, quality traceability system, code line body, packaging association and other automated identification equipment and scientific management system integration platform.

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