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Which kind of access card is better?
Jan 08, 2019

At present, there are three types of chips for making access control CARDS: ID card, IC card and CPU card. Among them, ID is the most popular, so ID card is easy to be copied and the price is relatively cheap. So which is better, ID card or IC card? Let's take a look at it.

Actually, IC card and ID card in use every method is no different, they are the main difference is the ID card is a read-only don't write, is a unique card number, IC card read and write function, has 16 sectors can be encrypted, ID card can be copied, IC password, involving sectors relative to safety performance, it is not easy to be cloned, so market than IC card ID card on the price to your point.

IC card can integrate complex key authentication and identity authentication logic, will replace the previous magnetic card, ID card (namely induction "magnetic card"). Due to the inherent defects of ID card system, such as no key authentication, readable and unwritable, and completely dependent on network operation, it has not been able to adapt to the increasing demand for smart one-card of current implementation units, and will inevitably be phased out as a transitional product just like the well-known magnetic card.

ID card is being phased out of the process, accompanied by the inevitable smart IC card card development process! At present, IC card has been in the mainstream, ID card should only be in part of the specific management system. If the system only needs user identification, it is recommended to adopt ID card, which can reduce the cost. If the system needs more functions, it is recommended to use IC smart CARDS for long-term benefits at a single investment from the perspective of security.

With the Angle of current development trend and security, it is better to choose IC card, the cost of IC card is lower also now, and security is better also, because this is no matter to individual or company, still choose security is tall, the entrance guard card with appropriate price is best nevertheless.

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