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3D Stereo Printing ‘market On The Eyeball’
Dec 14, 2018

                                      3D stereo printing ‘market on the eyeball

    In the 1990s, image technology entered the era of three-dimensional photo, and human visual experience entered a three-dimensional field. In the field of printing, three-dimensional space reproduction of stereoscopic images of objects --3D three-dimensional printing has become an important content in the special printing industry, such as: some of our common little cards, tilt cards or moving cards before and after will see each A wonderful 3d effect. These plastic cards are the 3D prints we talk about today.

Today, printers are using raster lens printing to acquire more complex products, ranging from labels and posters to packaging products, and even 3D stereoscopic products on plastic cups.

The principle of 3D stereo printing is to simulate the distance between two eyes of a person. When shooting from different angles, the left and right pixels are recorded on the photosensitive material. When viewing, the left eye sees the left pixel and the right eye sees the right pixel. The printed matter produced according to this principle is a three-dimensional printing product. Stereoscopic printing can reproduce objects realistically and has a strong three-dimensional effect. The product images are clear, the layers are rich, and the artistic conception is deep.

The three-dimensional printed originals are often formed by modeling or scenery, while the printed matter is generally selected from high-quality coated paper and high-temperature ink printing, so the gloss is good, the color is bright, and it is not easy to smear. The surface of the printed product is covered with a concave and convex mirror. The grating plate can directly view the stereoscopic effect of the panoramic picture. In terms of physiological factors, binocular parallax is the fundamental factor for people to obtain stereoscopic vision. In daily life, people observe the image of the object and produce a difference, that is, parallax, which gives people a three-dimensional sense.

Nowadays, the application range of 3D stereo printing is further expanded. The technology is applied to packaging and decoration products, commercial advertisements, science and education cartoons, postcards, Chinese New Year cards, anti-counterfeiting marks, trademark tags, mouse pads, various credit cards, and the like. The development time of three-dimensional printing in China is not short, but since it has not found a suitable market positioning, the application is not very extensive. However, with the development of related technologies and the growth of market demand, the domestic three-dimensional printing industry is developing rapidly and has formed a distinct "Chinese characteristic". In general, the business opportunities in China's three-dimensional printing market are very broad.

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