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Introduction Of Magnetic Card
Dec 06, 2018

Magnetic card is a card of the magnetic recording medium, the use of magnetic carrier record characters with digital information, used to identify identity or other USES magnetic card by high strength and high temperature resistant plastic or paper coated plastic, moistureproof wear-resisting and have certain flexibility, convenient to carry use more stable and reliable, for example, we use of bank CARDS, magnetic stripe card is one of the most common.

Magnetic card is convenient to use, cheap to build and widely used. It can be used for making credit card, bank card, subway card, bus card, ticket card and telephone card. Video game CARDS, tickets, air tickets and all kinds of traffic charge CARDS. Today we use magnetic CARDS on many occasions, such as dining in the canteen, shopping in the shopping mall, taking the bus, making phone calls, entering the controlled area and so on

Diamagnetism - simply put, it is used to measure the resistance of magnetic strips to data loss caused by external magnetic field, also known as anti-demagnetization.The unit of Diamagnetism is OE, The common LoCo magnetic stripe is 300OE or 600OE.

The HiCo magnetic stripe are generally 2750OE, 4000OE.

There are 3 tracks in the magnetic stripe.LoCo magnetic stripe card data can only be written in the second track, which is commonly known as the "single two track", the first and third tracks are not allowed to write data. But all of the 3 tracks in HiCo magnetic stripe can write data. In addition, the data written in the 3 tracks is different, the 1th track can not only write number 1-9 but also the letters A-Z.However, the 2th and 3th tracks can only write numbers

If a magnetic stripe card to write letters, it can only be written in the book of the first orbit, belongs to the category of high magnetic stripe CARDS, the card, using the general low resistance to magnetic stripe card slot is not read letters, because of the low resistance to magnetic stripe card card slot (general) inductor is read less than the first orbit data, so must use high magnetic stripe card slot can read data from a magnetic stripe card.

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