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The Difference Between Screen Printing And Offset Printing
Dec 07, 2018

Some customers will ask: screen printing and offset printing what is the difference? Which is better, screen printing or offset printing? Some customers also asked: screen printing and offset printing in the technical difference? The following full network printing to give you a brief introduction. To understand what is the difference between screen printing and offset printing, let's first clarify the two basic concepts of screen printing and offset printing:

What is screen printing?

Screen printing belongs to porthograph printing, which together with lithography, relief and gravure is known as the four printing methods. Orifice printing includes stencil, engrave, spray and screen printing. The principle of porthograph printing is: printing plate (paper film plate or other version of the plate base can be made through the ink hole) in printing, through a certain pressure to make the ink through the hole of the porthograph transfer to the substrate (paper, ceramics, etc.), forming an image or text.

What is offset printing?

Offset printing is a lithographic printing, very simple speaking offset printing is the use of rubber (blanket) on the printing plate of the image and text to the substrate of the printing method, it is the existence of blanket, this printing method is named. Blanket plays an irreplaceable role in printing, such as: it can be very good to make up for the substrate surface roughness, make ink transfer, it can reduce the water on the plate (see the role of water in printing) to the substrate transfer and so on. The above is just a general concept, we now usually say offset printing may be more narrow range, that is, there are three rollers (plate, blanket, embossing) lithography, in the south of our country this printing method is called offset printing.

How to distinguish screen printing and offset printing

1, offset printing has no dot, screen printing has dot, oblique to the light can see.
2, screen printing is generally thicker than luo close look will have some uneven edges, offset printing is more regular, horizontal vertical.
3, all images (such as colorful pictures) color gradient can only offset printing, not screen printing.
4, common monochrome simple graphics, text, can screen printing. Some small screen printing will have some rough edges look carefully also can come out.

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