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Whether The Thickness Of The Glue Card Determines Its Aesthetics
Jan 18, 2019

1, the card base is thin, the glue is thick

The composition of the Epoxy card is a combination of the finished PVC card + the two sides of the glue. Under normal circumstances, the base of the glue will be made into a standard thickness, about 0.84-0.88mm, but how to combine with the glue, how to control The thickness of the glue becomes a problem. On the basis of the card base, the thickness of the glue determines the aesthetics of the card. Thin, the entire Epoxy card is thin, not thick, and thick, it feels a bit top-heavy. Everything is in control. So it’s just right, all in the hands of the glue dispenser.

Whether the thickness of the glue card determines its aesthetics

Epoxy card

2, the card base is thick, the glue is thin

Some manufacturers will make the card base thicker when making the glue card, which is beyond the range of 0.84-0.88mm. This is normal. It satisfies consumers' pursuit of thickness. However, after the glue is dispensed, how to grasp this glue has become a problem. In this case, the glue will usually be thinner, but it should not be too thin. It is too thin and the glue has no amplitude on the surface, especially through the edges. Too thick, the whole card is cumbersome.

Whether the thickness of the glue card determines its aesthetics

Drop-shaped glue card

Later, these two points were found to be nonsense, because only one thing is that everything is just right. The thickness of the glue is adjusted for the thickness of the different card bases.

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